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Our newest product, The MayTom Spur and beard display will display all your spurs PLUS 12 beards!

MayTom spur displays are made out of solid Red Oak wood for it's awesome wild grain patterns. It sort of resembles the feathers on a wild turkey.
Also included on these displays, custom made plates, as well brass rods and some very sharp looking plastic beads that also resemble the coloring of a gobblers feathers.

The backs feature brass metal wall hanger to hang your display with. All you need is a drywall nail to hang it from. These displays will show off your most prized spur collections most handsomely!!!
You will notice that MayTom makes a couple of different styles of spur displays. Some will just hold your spurs, while others will also hold 12 beards. It all depends on what is your fancy.

Every item at MayTom Woodworks is hand made one at a time. Therefore availability of all products is subject to inventory on hand.

Items out of stock will be note as such. In the event that we run out of an item, you will still be able to order the out of stock product, but please allow a 2 to 3 week delivery time as we make more of that item to fill inventory back up.

23" x 15" x 2 1/2"

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Turkey Spur and Beard Combo Display

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