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MayTom fan displays are crafted out of solid Red Oak wood for it's wild grain patterns. Each Fan display has 7 highly polished shot shells along with a custom made name plate attached to the face of the display. Most displays out on the market today are much too short, causing the beard to hang down below the bottom of the plaque. MayTom's are made to prevent any damage to your beard and can hold one that is up to a 14" long and still not hang below the display!!!

Maytom fan displays include a custom plate made up of a strutting turkey.

The black/gold color highlights the brass color of the shells and upper plate very nicely. MayTom has included a brass hanger on the back to ease the "on wall mounting" of your trophy fan/beard.

These fan displays are available in two different styles.
One is for a fan and single beard $95.00
The other display holds your fan as well as 12 beards. This one comes with 12, already cut to size, highly polished shot shells along with mounting hardware and instructions. This particular model is $115.00

Every item at MayTom Woodworks is hand made one at a time. Therefore availability of all products is subject to inventory on hand.
Items out of stock will be note as such. In the event that we run out of an item, you will still be able to order the out of stock product, but please allow a 2 to 3 week delivery time as we make more of that item to fill inventory back up.

18 1/4" x 10" x 2 1/2"

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Turkey Fan and Beard Combo Display

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  • $135.00 plus S&H & Tax